Why chi?

Chinese philosophy uses the term "chi" to refer to the dynamic force that underlies the world order. One feels this force within oneself, through the heart, under the influence of the will. You must have felt this force too. When climbing, that's exactly what you feel, because in the cycle of climbing movement, the person and the rock form one whole, a small world. Sometimes we lose touch with this force. Unfortunately, not only because of lack of concentration or fatigue, but also because we depend on our equipment. Our climbing shoes are worn out, and we no longer have the confidence to stand on the rock. We have climbing shoes in good shape ₋ we don't feel them, like there is nothing between us and the rock. As a climber with over a decade of experience, I understand this very well, and I will do my best to return your climbers to this state, to return your contact with this force of chi. I feel this force both on the rock and in my work. Sometimes I feel it's the best work I've ever done. It certainly makes a lot of sense to me. As I repair my climbers, I can thank all the people who have helped me on my climbing journey. I can bring tangible benefit to a climber who has damaged their "main weapon". I can promote interest in rock climbing in general to make it more accessible. Finally, I can help the nature that we climbers hold so dear and bring more sustainability to our activities.